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May 4, 2007

Meetings in Jericho, to discuss logistics of bringing together Israelis and Palestinians for the June peace event. The difficulties lie not in finding the people but in getting them to a mutually ‘safe’ and accessible venue. Anata proves easier. [later note: Tulkarem proved impossible. Aside from a handful of regular Combatants for Peace Israelis, the busloads of Israelis who arrived at the checkpoints near Tulkarem were denied entry by the Israeli soldiers controlling the region.]

Passing through a checkpoint back towards Ramallah, a bored, cocky IOF soldier holds us back a little:

“Why are you going to Ramallah?”

“I have friends there.”

“Are you sure you want to go to Ramallah now?” This is asked with a look of disbelief. It is after 10 pm and I’m in a car with a Palestinian. The soldier cannot believe this.

“Of course.”  As if my Palestinian friend were the one brandishing the rifle.